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Treatment Services

Taking Notes

Land of Goshen Treatment Center, Inc. is a comprehensive wholistic addiction treatment program. Our system of care includes residential substance use disorder treatment and outpatient programs. Each treatment program provides coordinated clinical and wellness services. Care plans are personalized to meet individual treatment needs. The goal of treatment at Land of Goshen Treatment Center is to help adults achieve a sound basis in recovery, establish a continuum of healthcare, and a knowledge of how to manage the chronic conditions of addiction and mental health disorders.

Holding Hands

Care Coordination

Coordinated care is a widely-used healthcare practice designed to improve client outcomes. This term refers to the coordination of treatment services by multiple healthcare providers. When every member of a client’s care team shares an understanding of each client and her or his progress and needs, they can work together to make time spent in treatment more effective. Coordinated care produces better outcomes than clinicians working in silos and without knowledge of other treatment provider plans of care.

At Land of Goshen Treatment Center, treatment team members meet weekly to review client progress in detail. By sharing knowledge and the health goals of each client, members of the care team are able to respond in real-time to client needs.

Coordinated care extends beyond Land of Goshen Treatment Center locations. Collaboratively reviewing client needs and organizing treatment may identify healthcare needs requiring referral to outside experts. The process is also used to inform the discharge planning process that connects clients with the support groups, doctors, and therapists they will see for ongoing care once treatment at Land of Goshen Treatment Center is completed.

Case Management

At Land of Goshen Treatment Center, case managers are specialized members of the clinical team make a significant difference in the effectiveness and experience of addiction treatment. Case managers are a client’s primary point of contact during their time at Land of Goshen Treatment Center and coordinate every aspect of the client’s care and services.

Case managers also act as bridges to client families, professional resources, and ongoing care teams. During treatment, case managers communicate with client family members to update status and arrange family visits and therapy sessions. They may also interact with client employers, lawyers, or other specialized service providers as necessary. Case managers are also involved with aftercare and discharge planning. They identify and contact care providers in the client’s home community and establish a relationship to facilitate a smoother transition into ongoing care after treatment at Land of Goshen Treatment Centers.

Community Integration

Support groups play a significant role for most people in recovery. Today, a variety of support group formats are available to meet a range of preferences. Many continue to rely on traditional Twelve-Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous successfully. However, many new support groups are growing in popularity such as denominational groups like the Christian-based Celebrate Recovery program and High on Hope meetings. Secular programs are also available.

Community activities encourage people in recovery to rediscover enjoyment free from the influence of substances. Learning to find happiness in doing normal recreational activities without relying on alcohol or drugs establishes resilience — a key ingredient in one’s ability to remain in recovery. Land of Goshen Treatment Center takes clients to local attractions as a form of enjoyable relief from the hard work of daily therapy, but also as a means of finding pleasure in everyday things while sober.

Health and Wellness

Maintaining a nutritious diet is especially important for people recovering from addiction disorders. The lifestyle of addiction and the adverse health effects from the overuse of substances can deplete the body of necessary nutrients and lead to negative health implications including organ damage. A healthy diet can restore healthy nutrient levels, reestablish the balance of electrolytes and other metabolic systems, and contribute to improved organ function. Clients at Land of Goshen Treatment Center receive nutritional guidance from Ohio University’s Extension Office.

Wellness services like physical fitness, yoga, therapeutic massage, and hypnotherapy help people improve their physical and mental well-being to bolster positive self-image and psychological and physical health. Wellness therapies can help to reverse and repair some of the damage done by the use of drugs and alcohol, restore mobility and ease pain, and reduce the symptoms and severity of anxiety. Land of Goshen Treatment Center offers clients a complete complement of wellness services to restore good health. Clients are helped to find local wellness resources during the discharge process.

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